About us

Krafto Metal Work is proud of its tradition of satisfying its customers

We are driven by the goal to provide quality, innovation and service that exceeds our customer’s needs. With the fast changing trends globally, the customer is always asking for more innovative products and shorter response time. 

Our team here is dedicated to deliver this always. Our competitiveness and ethical practice have helped us to retain customers who are doing business with us for four over four decades.

We combine the latest in fabrication technology with our highly skilled teams for an unbeatable combination. We use certified welders and provide ongoing professional development and training to help our team stay up to date on the latest technologies.


Our mission is to achieve customer satisfaction by fulfilling their small and large requirements with consistent quality and timely delivery with continuously strive for improvements and to retain our core values and ethical business practices.


Our vision is to follow industry best practices, to create world class manufacturing facilities and to improve customer satisfaction by offering innovative products and faster deliveries to serve all the countries in the world and all the cities in India.